• SHS Navy Jumper (40"-46")

SHS Navy School Jumper - Rowlinson Courtelle


  • 40 degree or less
  • Wash inside out
  • Do not use fabric conditioner
  • Do not bleach

We recommend washing your garment on a gentle action 40 degree cycle

(synthetics) with non-biological or colour care detergent. For lower environmental

impact, Rowlinson Courtelle® garments can also be washed at 30 degrees. To

minimise pilling, wash inside out and with garments of similar fabric and weight.

Do not use fabric conditioner.


  • Cool tumble dry
  • Do not tumble with abrasive or heavy fabrics
  • Do not hang or radiator dry

We advise you to air dry the garment flat or cool tumble dry only. If tumble

dried, do not mix with heavier weight or abrasive garments, as this will increase

the risk of pilling. To avoid creasing, remove garments from the machine as

soon as possible. Do not put your Rowlinson Courtelle® garments on a hanger

or radiator to dry, as this will mark or heat damage your knitwear.


  • Do not iron

Your Rowlinson Courtelle® garment must never be ironed.

Do not iron your Rowlinson Courtelle® garment. Ironing melts the acrylic fibres

causing them to relax and stretch out, leaving garments with a baggy handle

and shiny appearance, creating irreversible damage to your garment.

If the care advice is not followed and excess heat is applied - whether from

washing, tumble-drying or ironing - the yarn will thin and weaken. Thinned,

weakened yarn is more susceptible to breakage which may cause holes

to develop.

SHS Navy Jumper (40"-46")

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