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Aero Luna Trifecta Bowls


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The Trifecta Range from Aero is the future in coloured Bowls.

All Trifecta bowls are made to order only, and are non-returnable. They take 4-6 weeks,in busy periods this timescale can be extended but you can specify your grip and choose your own logo from Aero's standard logo range. Please specify what logo you would like in the 'Additional Information' box along with the colour for your paint work on the checkout page.

The Defiance for indoor greens has a trajectory tighter than the Profile,however with enough turn to go around any bowl, and has been designed for the quicker indoor surfaces. Aero have designed all their models to turn midway between the mat and jack. This logically allows the bowl more time to turn towards the target than a bowl with a hook or swoop or late turn such as the banana shape of the other brands. 

Groove - Aeros midline model

For the bowler that prefers a bowl with less swing than the Maxim, the Groove can be used with a precision not seen previously in a lawn bowl. It’s Ellen’s choice as well as David Bolt’s. Perfectly suited to a faster UK outdoor green but at home on the slowest of pitches the Groove plays without the Maxim’s strong finish.

As with every Aero model, whether an Australian model or UK model the UNIQUE feature of Aero design is that the bowl begins the turn approximately half way between mat and jack.

It is for this reason Aero is less affected by wind, tracky or uneven greens.Facts well proven for us by the best bowlers in the world. The logic is simple, more time to turn toward the target.
(Other brands turn much later making them more wind affected that gives them a huge hook).

As with all models the registered design and perfectly placed ZIG ZAG grips give excellent reference for wet conditions. Due to the extreme precision with which they are milled one will hardly notice that you have the perfect grip. The ZIG ZAG grip is guaranteed chip proof.

Maxim - Aeros outdoor model

The Maxim is designed as a wide swinging bowl. As with every Aero bowl the features are unique to Aero, only the precision of manufacture allows Aero to manufacture bowls that on the up shot will hold the line but with a gentle arc that our top players demanded.

On the draw, the Maxim will go around any bowl and so accurate is the line one can see the end result of ones shot from halfway up the green.

As Mary Price, Sian Gordon and Ellen Falkner commented…”Aero are truly different”
From the ergonomic profile, the guaranteed chip proof grips, a perfectly matched set and with every set of that model being the same, outstanding colours and polished using the same equipment Rolex use, one has a truly precision bowl that will instill a feeling of confidence when on the mat that any shot is possible, and with Aero it is.